Pixie Lighthorse

Boundaries & Protection: Honoring Self, Honoring Others

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Boundaries & Protection is Pixie’s greatest hit.

Lighthorse takes us on a healing journey through our developmental territory to track what’s behind our inability to set boundaries for ourselves, as well as honor the boundaries of others. Gentle and firm, B&P guides the reader to remember that while compassion may be infinite, physical, mental, and emotional energy for conflict is often in limited supply. Pixie Lighthorse’s fourth book is guided by the graceful, territorial, fiercely protective spirit of Mountain Lion.

With 52 short, powerful chapters on a wide range of themes, Boundaries and Protection is designed for reading and re-reading. It’s meant to be carried as a companion when you need to exercise self-care and draw lines in the sand for yourself.


“I love this book! If you haven’t read it, I really recommend you do so. The scariest part of learning about boundaries is seeing where in life you have overstepped other people’s boundaries.” – Caroline O.

“This book arrived on Saturday and already it is lovingly dog-eared. The words of Pixie Lighthorse are inspiring, holding, and so much more.” – Diane S.

“I LOVE Boundaries and Protection, I learn something new each time I open it.” – Melissa S.

“Just started Boundaries and Protection. Love how simple it is to read and reflect upon. So great!” – Katie M.

“I love your writing and the energy in your words resonates with my current path. Boundaries and Protection is a book I have read twice now and have recommended to numerous friends and colleagues . No matter what you do or where you are on your personal path I believe it can provide powerful insights and highly useful tools to navigate all the people and energies in your life.” – Erin. K


Pixie Lighthorse is a writer, artist, and Earth Medicine educator living a spirited life on the rural outskirts of Central Oregon with her family of prayerful wildlings.