Pixie Lighthorse

Goldmining the Shadows

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This book is written for readers who want to hold themselves accountable for harm their wounds are causing themselves and others. It is a call for transformation through self-learning and self-knowing.

Shadow work is an act of liberation—one with the potential to transform our lives and our culture for the better. Pain— individual and collective—contains valuable wisdom. With loving compassion and lived experience, Lighthorse  guides readers to recognize, call out, and learn from our pain.

Composed of 52 short, digestible one-page chapters, Goldmining the Shadows is designed for picking up when compassionate truth is needed. It is meant to be carried as a companion and reread at different seasons of life, its many facets revealed over time.

What people are saying:

“Pixie cracks the door open to the shadowy places that exist within our hearts, and then allows us to walk through it with her steady hand as our guide. A beautiful, thoughtful read for the world today.” –Missy Rhysing, Ritualcravt

Part road map, part manual, I stood up from my seat a completely different person after reading, much to my fiercely protective shadow’s chagrin. Pixie writes that “soul work flourishes in safe company” and auspiciously provides an unquestionably safe place to begin so that we can stop harming ourselves and others with our woundedness.”  –Anne Carmack, Writer & Artist

“This book is for the tired ones, the serious ones, the desperate ones, the hopeful ones—tired of running from our own shadows and the monstrous shadows of history and society, serious about doing the gutsy work of personal and collective healing, desperate enough to not flinch at Pixie’s hard-hitting and life-giving words, and hopeful enough to follow the pathway out of the shadows and into true freedom, no matter the cost. Practical, imaginative and deeply personal — this book will help you examine the shadows in every crack and crevice of your gorgeous and painful life. What an illuminating gift to us all!” – Christena Cleveland, Ph.D., author, activist, and director of the Center for Justice + Renewal