Karen Eland

Karen has been a creator since childhood, but a portrait class at age 14 unexpectedly propelled her into an art career. Her love for coffee was born in the late Kaldi’s Coffeehouse in New Orleans, where she would go everyday to sketch her fellow French Quarter locals while sipping a black coffee with a dash of nutmeg on top.

After moving back home to Tulsa, Oklahoma, she was introduced to the joys of top-quality espresso at Nordaggio’s Coffee, and finally the link between coffee and art connected when she began painting with it there in 1998. The rich color of perfect espresso caught her eye, and she dipped her brush in immediately. The happy results sparked a new art form, and she explored the potential of coffee as paint by recreating famous masterpieces such as her Mona Latte, eventually working from her own photos and ideas as well.

In 2008, Karen left Tulsa for Bend, Oregon, home of more breweries per capita than any U.S. city. It wasn't long before beer met her paintbrush with equally happy results.

Her skills in coffee and beer painting have opened the door for her to travel worldwide to England, France, Italy, Croatia, and Dubai. Karen welcomes commissions and travel opportunities. 

When not painting with beer or coffee, Karen may be found in a wildflower field with her good friend Katie Daisy, watercoloring sweet animals for their collaboration project Flor & Fawn.

Karen also teaches classes for groups of 2 or more. Ask her for details.


Instagram: @coffeepainter

Facebook: facebook.com/CoffeeArtCreations