Lydia Nickelson

Lydia The GREAT!!!   

Lydia Nickelson is a prolific artist of several mediums.  She grew up in Florida, where she met her husband, Joe.  She and Joe have been married for thirteen years and are the proud parents of two wonderful children, Connor and Morgan. 

With their children, they have traveled and spent a lot of time in Europe as well as Canada and all around the United States.  Throughout all their travels, Lydia yearned to settle down and spend time creating the art that she loves.  They settled down here because they love how family-oriented Central Oregon is and they love all the great outdoor activities.

Lydia enjoys creating all sorts of home décor, using her own designs.  She is a fabulous painter as well.  She loves reclaiming old wood; giving old wood new life in wonderful new ways.

Come visit Lydia and get to know this brilliant young artist.  Meeting new people and making new friends is another one of Lydia's many talents!