Teafly Peterson

Teafly makes art because it is the best language she speaks. She teaches art because she wants to have more and better conversations with her fellow humans about this big amazing world and everything in it.

For the last 20 years, Teafly has been working as an artist and an educator. She teaches a variety of mediums– painting, drawing, photography, writing, film making. She also works professionally as an artist. If you need a bumble bee delivering your tea, she’s the gal for you! You name it, she can probably draw or design it! 

What she really loves is creating community-based art projects that help those communities look deeper into themselves, like the “We Live Here, Too” project which was a series of portraits of people in the LGBTQ community in their favorite places in Central Oregon. Last spring, she created larger-than-life inspirational creatures for the local environmental center to help promote stewardship for our planet. Now she is working on Unbag Bend - supporting a city ordinance that would ban the use of plastic bags in our city.


Instagram: @teafly

Facebook: facebook.com/artbyteafly