Young Mountain Tea

0.9 oz Organic Darjeeling Green

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An unusually soft and elegant green tea created at one of Darjeeling's most enchanting tea gardens. Contains Caffeine. Produced in an ecologically diverse forest on Darjeeling’s sloping hillsides, Darjeeling Green is a smooth and mellow green tea. It is plucked at the onset of the monsoons and quickly moved from rolling to drying to preserve its fresh taste and reduce bitterness. Unlike many green teas, Darjeeling Green does not have the astringency typical of green teas and can be enjoyed without jarring the taste buds. The softness comes in part from the long leaves which release their tasting notes slowly over time. Darjeeling Green is harvested just prior to and during the summer monsoons. The leaf is plucked, left to wither (to reduce the water content), rolled (to break the cell walls and begin oxidation), and then dried. Once dried, the teas are hand-sorted to eliminate any debris before making their way to the market.