Young Mountain Tea

1.2 oz Green Mist

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 A soft and woody green tea with naturally sweet undertones made using only the stems of the plant. With a low amount of Caffeine. This unusual Indian green tea, low in caffeine, is made by one of India's first female tea producers -- Muskan Khanna. She draws subtle, woody flavors from the pressed stems of the tea plant. This tea is part of a collection of teas Khanna is making by adapting Japanese production styles to Indian plants and methods.  While sipping Green Mist, you will find two unique sensory experiences. Raising the cup to your lips you will taste the fresh notes of a dew filled forest. Each sip concludes with slightly sweet and modest expressions of mint and anise. This cleansing cup of tea leaves the tea drinker's palate revitalized and refreshed. Green Mist is one of the only kukicha-style teas being produced in India. This labor-intensive tea is created by first separating the stalks and leaves.