Young Mountain Tea

1.2 oz Indi's Gold

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This uplifting black tea is slightly tart and naturally sweet with tangy aromas of dried apricots and Mediterranean fruits. Contains Caffeine. This sunny Nilgiri black tea is one of the signature teas of Indi Khanna and Tea Studio. Always pushing the bar of traditional Indian teas– Khanna made Indi’s Gold suggestive of Mediterranean fruits and flavors. Nilgiri teas are inherently difficult to over-steep, making them favorites for iced teas. Indi’s Gold’s fruity tartness, which is embedded in its amber glow, sets it apart from traditional black teas. The tea is complex, yet surprisingly bright and light making it a nice addition to any black tea collection. Unlike most Indian black teas which can leave one’s mouth feeling dry, Indi’s Gold is smooth and gentle. The tea's apricot sweetness and tang leave the tea drinker both refreshed and energized.