Young Mountain Tea

1.5 oz Black Orchid

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This delicately curled leaf has the fragrant punch of ripe honeydew melon on a summer’s day while underlined with the classic grounding notes of black tea that culminate with a soft menthol mouth buzz. Contains Caffeine. This unique black tea is made by one of India's first female tea producers -- Muskan Khanna. This tea is part of a series Khanna is making by adapting Japanese and Chinese methods to Indian tea leaves. The two leaves and bud set is brought into the factory in bamboo baskets and laid on the trough for withering overnight. The next day the leaf is rolled and allowed to oxidize for a few hours depending on weather conditions. After that, the leaf is manufactured on a roasting machine and is shaped using the heat from our hands. Finally, the tea is put through the aroma machine where the final drying is done.