Young Mountain Tea

2 oz Organic Kumaon Black

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A robust and naturally sweet finely sorted black tea from one of India’s oldest Himalayan tea gardens. Contains Caffeine. Kumaon Black comes from a revitalized tea region along India's western Nepali border. The abundance of golden tips carries a glowing caramel sweetness under thick cocoa flavors. This remote area is creating new distinguished flavor profiles across India’s traditional black tea landscape. Kumaon Black is versatile and approachable no matter how you want to sip it. Similar in strength to English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast, it matches these robust cups but finishes with a twist of sweetness. Difficult to overstep, the fruity and bitter-chocolate undertones relax with a dash of milk or cream. Black teas go through a 4-step process to become the tea that ends up in your cup: withering, rolling, oxidizing, and drying. The blackening of the tea comes when the cell wall is broken and the tea leaf is exposed to oxygen.