Abney Wallace

Abney Wallace Esoterica Linocut Prints

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Each hand printed image is numbered and signed by the Artist. 

These are linocut prints.  This means that each image is carved into linoleum using tiny u shaped gouges.   The knives used to carve with come from Japan.  They’re tiny, hand-forged u-shaped gauges.  Once the carving is complete, the linoleum plate is inked using a roller called a brayer.  What you see when you look at a print is the inked linoleum that remained after carving.  What reads as white was all carved away from the plate.  The ink is an eco-friendly soy based printmaking ink.  Once the plate is inked, the paper and plate are carefully run through a hand turned etching press, transferring the image from the plate to the paper.  This is a painstaking process and doesn’t work every time.