Megan Marie Myers

Campfire Dreams Sticker from Megan Marie Myers

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This dreamy sticker features a girl and a wolf staring up into the night sky as an animal born from campfire smoke exquisitely lingers above them.

*3.77" x 4" Die cut sticker

* Thick, durable vinyl protects these die cut stickers from scratching, rain & sunlight.

* Designed by Bend. OR artist, Megan Marie Myers

* This design was adapted from a larger piece of artwork. 

Megan Myers' work explores landscapes composed of whimsical mountains, forests, deserts, rock formations, oceans and rivers. The children and animals that typically appear as my subjects radiate with innocence and a sense of wonder brought forth by a connection to nature. The characters journey through the outdoors, exploring themes of companionship, protection, wilderness and the greatest adventure of all, love.