Love Becomes You Anointing & Body Oil for an Open Heart

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Artisan: Amulette Studios, Bend, OR

Even the biggest hearts can feel a bit over or underwhelmed these days. This blend is crafted to help you keep that juicy heart of yours Wild n Free.

This body, soul, life oil is formulated with plants known to help stimulate unwinding, joy, eros, spaciousness, and play...just a few of the words that are in the encyclopedia of your Heart.

Use as often as your heart desires. Apply to meridian points, chakras or slather liberally all over your body or into a bath. This oil is custom crafted and full of magic. Store out of direct sunlight.

INGREDIENTS: Oils of Jojoba*, Sunflower Seed*, Rose Hip Seed*, Essences of Cardamom*, Rose Geranium*, Peru Balsam, Sweet Orange*+ a Rose Quartz.