Fresh Sweetgrass Botanical Fragrance

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"Sweetgrass is the hair of our Mother; separately, each strand is not as strong as the strands are when braided together." ~Mary Ritchie

This is a gentle agrarian scent intended to transport you to Midwest plains. Softly green and barely gourmand, this is the relaxing fragrance of sun-warmed dirt, cured hay, and sweetgrass braids hanging to dry in summer air.

Aromatic molecules released from the soil as he knelt into the soft powdery ground and thanked it for all it would yield. He slowly pulled clumps of long blades from the earth one after another after another, and they gave themselves to his kind hands freely, as if knowing their purpose. He removed the dirt from their roots with a gentle shake. He continued this for a long time, and he didn't notice when the shadows of the grass changed as the sun made its way across the sky.

After some hours, sweat began its descent down the center of his back; his hunched neck and shoulders radiated with heat. It was after noon. He rolled backward and sat, legs folded beneath him. Hours had passed. He looked over his willing bounty, and then began braiding small collections of strands together. When he finished each braid, he tied their ends with twine and lay them inside a large basket. He continued this until he had 74 braids, and they overflowed from the basket's edge, mimicking the rippling wave of the willow fibers which coddled them. He stood and stretched, then carried the basket along the edge of the field and up the hill to the barn, where he hung the braids to cure.

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These atomizers offer a generous spray that creates a wide and soft mist. For maximum longevity, try applying to clothing and hair.

Scent Profile (top to base):

Grass, Hay, Vanilla, Sweetgrass accord.

Fragrance Family

Green, Gourmand, Agrestic/Agrarian