Aesthete Tea


Aesthete Tea was created by Briana Thornton in 2017 in collaborating with her mother and herbalist, Maggie Cassidy. The brand began in a small kitchen in Oregon and was produced out of a 200 sqft space for the first 3 years. Today Aesthete Tea is blended, packed and shipped out of their 3,000 sqft Production House in Portland Oregon. You can visit their Teahouse [3530 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland Ore.] in Portland to enjoy a cup of tea and share experiences with friends.

Aesthete Tea is a QBIPOC, Woman owned brand. It is a not just about tea. The brand seeks to connect community and provide workshops, classes, and events that represent and promote a more conscious and less impactful way of living.

Aesthete Tea understands that the lands that provide for us, and the skills we take for granted, would not be here without the stewardship of our ancestors, their deep respect for nature, and their processes of mindful creation. The Collective was created to embrace and share the teachings of ancient traditions through the skills and community of modern individuals rooted in the folk healing practices of a variety of cultures.