A Vehicle For A Movement

more than an art studio or retail gallery

The Workhouse, as a whole, is more than art studios or a retail gallery- it is the vehicle for a movement. By creating a space with open, active work studios, a community work table that also holds creative arts classes, and housing a place of exchange between makers and buyers we believe we can use the power of creativity to build a stronger community and sustainable economy.

Here at The Workhouse we believe that work pays. We are a community of individuals under the same roof, working side by side, developing our skills as artists and learning how to successfully run our own small businesses. We are of a mind that success for the individual is for the good of us all. Therefore, we contribute to one another’s work and encourage one another in our businesses. We challenge one another to innovate and grow, share in one another’s successes, and commiserate over our failures. We work side by side to create a sustainable lifestyle for ourselves and for our community through the creative work of our own hands.

By offering an atmosphere of camaraderie, excellence, innovation, and creativity we hope to encourage our community and one another that working together works best. Whether handmade soaps, metal works, home decor or fine art, we hope makers of every kind will find respite within our old brick walls.