Anton Yakushev

Artist Statement:

"The only artistic devices I engage throughout my work are experimentation and improvisation. I have no «one-size-fits-all» technique nor do I have a specific approach to forming or shaping my materials. I am not fixed by any intentional or precise stylistic process. For example, my first solo exhibition was called «Steampunk» – a series produced completely in a style to which I never returned. The monument to the Water Carrier that I created and installed in my home city was an exploration in Monumentalism. So much depends on the artistic idea.

So I think the key message of ​​my work is Humanism – aside from any other themes or styles that may be engaged. Considering my series dedicated to the World Wars and my series dedicated to the Indigenous Peoples of America, what truly holds them together is my enduring love and compassion for humanity. This is what drives me to create."