Portland Ashwagandha Farm

We are here to nourish those healing from the stress, trauma, and illness that comes with modern life. Our tinctures are made with the intention to support those working hard every day to lead with dedication and purpose. We value those that see a path forward in healing ourselves and our planet and that’s why our medicine is created to ground and strengthen, as well as manage the stress of our times. We offer these herbs so you can continue to do the necessary work and share your gifts with the world.

Our Story:

Inspired by his studies in Ayurveda and natural healing in his youth, Jeff Johnson was led to the importance of soil health and regenerative agriculture. In 2009, he began growing and incorporating Ashwagandha into his small hobby farm. In 2012, as a founding member of a local farm-to-fork produce bicycle delivery service, Jeff began to deliver Ashwagandha he had grown to Portlanders and share the calm Ashwagandha energy he had also grown to love.

Jeff founded Portland Ashwagandha Farm in 2015 to share Ashwagandha with more people. Since, Portland Ashwagandha Farm has grown into a network of local family farms and happy team members utilizing biodynamically inspired, regenerative agricultural practices and making alchemically inspired Fresh Spagyric Tinctures. And in Portland, our local customers and retailers receive their Portland Ashwagandha Farm products by local bicycle delivery to this very day.