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Belly Oil.

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Often overly scrutinized and underappreciated, our belly is a beautiful expressive powerhouse of the body. Containing roughly 100 million neurons (more than the spinal cord!) this primaly intuitive area is not just a crude machine housing all major organs, but an intelligent system that sends and receives impulses, records experiences, responds to emotions and metabolizes the world in and around us.

Along with your intentional touch, this herbal oil infusion is crafted to assist you in connecting with your belly (and emotions stored therein!), stimulating circulation, GI motility, easing tension, inflammation and bloating.

Massage into belly and lower back tissue, with love and intent, 3x/week for optimal results. May also be used as a castor oil pack over the liver, stomach, intestines and colon to ease digestive distress and bloating.

INGREDIENTS: Ginger root*, Chamomile* & Wood betony* infused into Sunflower seed oil*, Castor oil* and essences of Grapefruit*, Juniper*, Peppermint* & Vetiver*. *DENOTES ORGANIC