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Body Butter DIY Kit

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Kit contains all ingredients to make Invoka's most popular whipped body butter recipe at home! The recipe will make 16-22 ounces of body butter dependent on how long the base ingredients are whipped. You supply essential oil of choice and carrier oil.


1) Add kit ingredients to glass bowl and set over a pot of boiling water (double boiler) or microwave at 15 second intervals until ingredients are melted.

 2) Combine 1/4 cup (4 ounces) Carrier Oil with melted ingredients. You can add any room temperature oil to this kit, we love avocado, olive, jojoba, almond or apricot. Use what you have and love!

3) Cool until mixture is starting to thicken but is not quite solid, we recommend setting the bowl in the refrigerator for around 45 minutes, checking after 25 minutes. It may take longer or shorter depending on the temperature.

4) After mixture has cooled add a few drops of essential oil of your choice and whip with a hand or stand mixer until the desired consistency is reached. We like the butter to make soft peaks that stand alone when the mixer is lifted out of the body butter. After desired consistency has been reached spoon into lidded glass jars, recycled glass jars or mason jars work great!


The instructions for scenting your body butter by infusion are on our website blog.