Sweet Pea Cole

Find Your Own Way Sticker

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Unique. Different. Odd? Maybe I’m all of those things. I would argue that each of us have qualities that make is uncommon, remarkable, possibly even abnormal - and that is a truly important and beautiful fact. It’s tough to be just like everyone else - using the same, heavily trodden paths. This small and mighty sticker is a kind reminder that finding your own way is a wonderful thing. Young or old, we are all always trying to find our way and slapping this sticker on your water bottle, computer, vacuum cleaner, or what-have-you will surely instigate a smile.

This “Find Your Own Way” sticker is 2”x3”. Small and mighty, durable and frivolous, each vinyl die cut sticker resists scratching, rain, and sunlight.

Designed by Sweet Pea Cole in Bend, Oregon.