Forage Botanical Fragrance

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Rich, dark, & green with Bourbon vanilla and oak tones.

Forage captures the essence of decaying leaves crunching underfoot as you trek through a dense and foggy forest in search of the perfect edible mushroom. Despite the wet chill in the air, a heavy wool sweater keeps you comfortable.

Gourmand notes of vanilla and sandalwood (the olfactory sweater in the scenario) mingle with rich soil, pine needles, and a thick carpet of luxurious moss.

Forage is dedicated to autumnal trips with friends into nearby forests to harvest edibles. In many wooded parts of the United States -- and certainly in the Pacific Northwest -- fiddlehead ferns, wild ginger, acorns, mushrooms, and truffles are collected, prepared, shared, and savored.

Forage differs from Moss Collector in that it has a creamy base of vanilla and sandalwood. A friend has said that this fragrance reminds her of pipe tobacco combined with Old Spice deodorant warmed by body heat. Because this scent is heavy, earthy, and sweet, it's especially good in fall and winter.

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These atomizers offer a generous spray that creates a wide and soft mist. For maximum longevity, try applying to clothing and hair.

Scent Profile (top to base):

Evergreen absolutes, rich balsamic notes, vetiver, vanilla, sandalwood, & oakmoss.

Fragrance Family

Green, Gourmand, Earthy/Dirt-Like, Woods