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Homeland Throw Blanket

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The Homeland Throw speaks to the heritage of the Navajo land. Native knitwear designer, Jennifer Berg, used the traditional diamond shape for the four sacred mountains: Blanca Peak to the east, Mount Taylor to the south, the San Francisco Peaks to the west, and Hesperus Peak to the north. Inside the diamond is Dinetah, which means “The Homeland.” The borders represent lightning, a sign of strength.

In collaboration with Native American knitwear designer, Jennifer Berg, this throw is part of our Heritage Collection that honors the art, land, and people of the Navajo Nation.

Colors: grey, white, gold, chocolate, black
Size: 50"x60"
Materials: recycled cotton, recycled polyester
Pattern on one side with birdseye stitch on the back
Care: machine wash cold/cool, tumble dry low/delicate, separately
Made in United States of America