Radical Rest Candle
Radical Rest Candle
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Radical Rest Candle

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revolutionary · pause · refreshment

To rest in a culture that is driven by performance and expectation is truly radical. To pause and find yourself again, enjoying the moment, and accepting rest's refreshment of the soul that the quiet offers is no easy task but always worth it. Radical rest is priceless, it takes great effort to say I am worth more than what I do, and just be still. We have created this scent as a reminder that you're worth it in every way, and that value is not based on accomplishment, just being is enough.

Full Size - Weight: 10.5 oz | Burn Time: 23 hours

Hand-poured in Oregon Made using a natural apricot-coconut wax blend Infused with essential oils & a proprietary blend of premium-grade aromatic oils Phthalate Free Cruelty-Free

The mug can be recycled or repurposed