Suzanne Landry

The Passionate Vegetable Cookbook

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Written by Fresh Food Chef and Educator Chef Suzanne Landry

More than a cookbook, this revolutionary lifestyle guide reveals the pure simplicity and bountiful flavor of fresh vegetables with recipes that are easy and delicious. In addition to the seasonal and flavorful recipes, it boasts a simple guide to food nutrition, suggestions for healthy vegetarian meals, transition recipes for the die-hard meat lover, pantry makeovers, and 145 tips and time-savers to make cooking fun again. It also outlines nutritional needs for vegetarians to flexitarian meat lovers and features delectable choices for gluten and dairy-free diets. With sections on discovering fresh herbs and spices, navigating the carbohydrate maze, and much more, the book help eaters dramatically improve health and energy to restore youthful vitality, end unnecessary cravings, and feel more satisfied with every bite.