Prayers of Honoring Voice
Prayers of Honoring Voice
Pixie Lighthorse

Prayers of Honoring Voice

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Prayers of Honoring, Pixie Lighthorse.

Aimed at strengthening the confident voice of the individual while emphasizing relational communications, the prayers address the Source of Life as the reader understands it.

With respect to your experiences as teachers, each prayer concentrates on an aspect of healing the voice: Honoring Clarity, Humility,  Advocacy, Sorrow, Fear, Rage, Practice and Restoration among them.

Twenty-eight prayers, divided into four sections, coordinate with the Four Directions allowing the reader to make the connection between beginning, active, reflective and secure stages of growth. Journal prompts and lined pages between each section makes note-taking and stream-of-consciousness simple, so that the book acts as a guide through the transformational process of healing the voice and religious, cultural, and generational trauma.

Praise For This Book:

“The messages in Prayers of Honoring Voice have been such potent reminders and I open it for new inspiration all the time!” – Sara Jade G.

“Prayers of Honoring Voice helped me when I was so down and had little left after a traumatic event.” – Kate D.

“I love Prayers of Honoring Voice so much. I’ve shared the beautiful prayers with so many people.” – Analisa R.