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Wildflower Garden Seed Mix -Drylands

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This flower mix is formulated for areas with less rain fall and more drought resistant flowers. 

Plant early spring

For best results, mix seeds with 1:4 ratio of vermiculite to make it easier to spread

Sow mixture 1/4" deep

Seed Mix Contents: Plains Coreopsis, African Daisy, Siberian Wallflower, Shasta Daisy, California Poppy, Purple Coneflower, Indian Blanket, Blanketflower, Sweet William, Cornflower, Annuals Baby Breath, Black Eyed Susan, Blue Flax, Alyssum, Rocky Mountain Penstemon, Prairie Coneflower, Gloriosa Daisy, Evening Primrose, Spurred Snapdragon, Catchfly, and Corn Poppy.

This packet contains 2g of open-pollinated seeds.